Participants at the 7th strategic Value of Innovation Conference - Without Rest Towards a Better Tomorrow, that took place at the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia, emphasised the importance of good access to medicines, integrated assessment and early introduction of innovations and assurance of a sustainable healthcare system for effective management of the growing burden of chronic non-infectious diseases and their complications in a long living society. 

The conference was opened with addresses by Alojz Kovšca, the President of the National council of the Republic of Slovenia and Samo Fakin, the Slovenian Health minister

The assurance of timely, effective and comprehensive healthcare and sustainability of the healthcare
system with an aging population requires investments in prevention, additional support networks in
local communities, innovative technologies and constructive dialogue of all stakeholders in healthcare
and other social subsystems. Participants also emphasised that the cost efficiency of innovations and
their effects need to be assessed independently and comprehensively over a longer period of time.

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