As a trustworthy partner we actively contribute to a healthcare system that provides timely access to innovative medicines and therapeutic solutions in Slovenia.

We develop innovations which improve health, prolong life expectancy, contribute to society's prosperity and enhance the quality of life.

We provide and support the supply of the latest innovative, effective and safe medicines and healthcare services in Slovenia.

We encourage transparent and ethical co-operation between all stakeholders in healthcare and work towards development of a high-quality and sustainable healthcare system.



Illness never sleeps so medical innovation can't rest either. Breakthroughs in pharmaceuticals which save lives only come about because of the passion and commitment of those who have dedicated their lives to discovering and developing new medicines for patients.

Take a look why #WeWon'tRest and how we fight to make the world a better place for everyone.

Medication Prices

Prices of prescription innovative medicines in Slovenia are subject of strict regulation. Pharmaceutical companies actively co-operate with relevant institutions in forming the prices of medication and strive to make medicine accessible.

Check out how the procedures of medication price forming work in Slovenia.

Value of Innovation

Healthcare innovations have an important influence on society and individuals. Innovative medicines improve the quality of life and prolong life expectancy. By developing these medicines pharmaceutical industry contributes to society's prosperity and to economic growth.

Discover why personal and social benefits of innovative medication far surpass their costs.

Intellectual Property

Every new treatment or cure starts with the spark of an idea. That spark has to be nurtured and cared for through the long and complex process of developing a medicine before it can begin to transform the lives of patients.

About us

We represent innovative pharmaceutical industry in Slovenia and work as a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political and independent economic interest group. We connect 22 pharmaceutical companies which share a common goal: #WeWontRest in developing innovative medicines which hold the key to managing diseases and to improving the lives of patients.